Were so excited, and we can not hide it....

What a rollercoaster it has been this year. We started i March to try getting Shamiaah in foal,she is a first time mare at 9 years old. So we had no idea if she could get in foal.We had the vet by to get a bacteria swab, and a scan for follikeltest, and everything looked okay. So in her second heat we inserminated her, and she was flushed afterwards, because she was to open in the back they gave her a caslicks operation aswell.But she was not in foal, we dicede to get a biopsy just to make sure so one heat was spend on that. After that she didn´t get in to a proper heat, and she was treated with hormoms to help her a little, still nothing after 15 days at the vet. We took her home to rest, and after a week she started to show signs of heat, we called again the vet to come scan her, he did, and again he gave her some help in a "coctail" 

We drowe her to the vet 3 days later and she had a follikel that was good enough to inserminate, and now 16 days later she is confirmed in foal….I bursed in to tears when the vet said, ”Jette she is in foal” People that knows me, knows how much this foal means to me. Shamiaah is giving me a pieace of her beloved sire Shamas, & brother Marco both I lost one year apart. And I am so happy and forever grateful to her owner for letting me have this ones in a lifetime opportunity.The proud parents to beShamiaah APN (Shamas x Ma-Ajmala) X A Kanz of Kossack (Kanz Albidayer x Ariel)

Photo Credit Jette Parmo Nielsen.

Breeder: Amlet Arabians, Denmark

Sometimes dreams do come thrue !!

Shamiaah is the first offspring by our now deceased Stallion Shamas (Import from US)We lost her brother tradely in 2017And I have been devastated for years, not to have anything left of my breeding.Many times I have thought "maybe I should write & ask", but no I didn't want to intrude.And month later "what if, I could only get a No". But I didn't write to ask.Then New Years morning I got a message from her longtime owner, and I didn't have to thinkI just said Yes. This opportunity I couldn't let pas by.We are thrilled to tell all that we have leased this beautiful mare for a foal in 2023.A HUGE thank you Cecilie, you have NO idea what this opportunity means to me.

Welcome to EL Wadim

Amlet Arabians is very excited to bring this beautiful colt home! Born in the beautiful Poland.Sired by World Champion Wadee Al Shaqab and out of Edrella/Pegasus. Half sibling to my beloved Edryll, I´ve lost 2 years agoSo it' with pleasure we welcome him here. A big huge thanks to breeder Anna Gloc, never have I meet a breeder that has touched my heart so much, she has given me the opportunity to buy this boy, and made it possible for me to get him home when it was not expected for me to have a new horse...Thank you Anna Gloc for this opportunity I´m deeply touched deep into my heart.

Photo Credit Anna Gloc.

Breeder: Anna Gloc, Polen